Former Shoot to Kill & Zenith E-Sports team up in a new squad

A squad band formed in North America called Spicy Fish. It includes former Shoot to Kill player Timothy "Uncivil" Ebarb (pictured), former Zenith E-Sports captain Dylan "Roth" Short, as well as Jeremy "Keenan" Traverse from Team Veritas and Daniel "Sharpshot" Hernandez, the fifth Susquehanna Soniqs player at PGI.S.

According to Uncivil, the team's main goal is to qualify for the PUBG Global Championship 2021. Former Susquehanna Soniqs, NRG Esports and DUEL player, Seth "Woo1y" Little, will coach the squad.

"I've had the privilege of competing in PUBG for over 3 and a half years. I always knew I wanted to coach when I was done playing. Even though I enjoy competing, it makes a lot of sense for me to make this transition now. Through coaching, I can be part of something bigger than myself and try to do something great, perhaps something that I would never be able to accomplish as a player." ,- Seth "Woo1y" Little commented on twitter.

 Shoot to Kill finished eleventh at the PUBG Global Invitational.S. Zenith E-Sports finished in the top-2 and Susquehanna Soniqs won the event.

Spicy Fish squad:

  • США, United States, US Timothy "Uncivil" Ebarb
  • США, United States, US Dylan "Roth" Short
  • Канада, Canada, CA Jeremy "Keenan" Traverse
  •  Daniel "Sharpshot" Hernandez
  • США, United States, US Seth "Woo1y" Little (coach)