April's Fool day event has started: All your Battlegrounds are belong to us

PUBG has added a limited-time game mode dedicated to April's Fool day - it's called POBG (PLAYEROMNOM'S BATTLEGROUNDS). To play POBG, you need to click on the image of an arcade machine in the game's lobby.

What was the saying? Oh yes. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. You Survivors revel in your victories over each other and still have the gall to drag us into it. Well, no more. You’ve been a pox on us for far too long and the bock stops here. This time, the chickens are the top of the pecking order.

Don’t believe me? This is no eggaggeration. Just look at your precious game. We’re already here, clucking up your social profiles. Once my fowl plan hatches and every last one of you has been beaten, well… let’s just say it won’t be chicken on the menu.

But, if you dare to challenge my Henerals and their armies, look for the arcade cabinet in your precious menus, but be warned- this battle isn’t going to be over easy. You have until April 12th before your game is completely mine and if you think omletting you stop me, you’re sorely mistaken.

For I am PlayerOmnom and these are my Battlegrounds now.