9 Mar, 2021

MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THESE TIPS, guide by WackyJacky101

Well-known in the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds community streamer and content maker WackyJacky101 published a new video guide in which he shared another portion of useful tricks in PUBG.

  • To more effectively kill enemies on the drive-by, WackyJacky101 advises to turn off the engine before getting into the passenger seat and start shooting - so the enemy may not hear the approaching car (default key bind is z).
  • The second trick primarily applies to the map Karakin, where the blindingly bright sun sometimes interferes with the normal aim and shooting your enemies. WackyJacky101 advises in such cases to use the sight 3X, the reticle can be made black by spinning the mouse wheel down.
  • The next piece of advice is about the sprint. The author of the guide recommends not to squeeze the sprint button, but to run by tapping your sprint key rapidly - then the sight won't disappear from the screen completely, and it will be easier to start firefights; moreover, in this case, the animation of aiming (ADS) will be a little faster.
  • If you put a candid sight on the weapon, the zoom speed on the main sight with variable zoom will increase (e.g. 8X) will increase.
  • You can start your game faster by deleting all files in the Movies folders of the game
  • When driving a vehicle your weapon swap would not work, but you can swap the weapons in your inventory and they would swap eventually