will attend PGI.S with a stand-in has announced a temporary replacement in its PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds lineup: Dmytro "Perfect1ks" Dubeniuk will not be able to play at the PUBG Global Invitational.S due to visa issues. His place will be taken by coach Ramazan "H1RUZEN" Valiulin.

Alexander «Dyrem» Sevirinov, PUBG squad’s manager and analyst: “When it became obvious that Dima won’t be able to play, we started looking for our options regarding the roster. Our collective decision was to play with our coach H1RUZEN, who will try to adapt to this unfamiliar role with the help of Perfect1ks. And while we may lose something in terms of our strategies and overall individual performance, the guys are ready to rally and show their best game.”

PGI.S. will be held February 1-March 28, 2021 in South Korea. There will be $3.5 million in prize money + 30% of the Pick'em Challenge event profits between them.