signed Northern Lights

Russian organization opened a division in PUBG: Northern Lights Team with Alexander "BatulinS" Batulin  will perform under the bears' tag

 Ramazan "H1RUZEN" Valiulin, the former member of Team UNITY and TORNADO ENERGY, has become the coach of the squad became, and the role of manager and analyst was taken Alexander "Dyrem" Sevirinov, who from June to November this year worked in Natus Vincere.

Sergey Glamazda, CEO of

«We always keep tabs on different disciplines that are not in our current pool. The developer’s efforts in growing the esport scene in PUBG are encouraging. Organizations have been put into enabling environment for creating rosters. The decision to sign the team is rational and economically justified. It’s somewhat of a hypothesis testing for our future in this discipline. Of course, success can only be achieved with good sports result, so we are thrilled to have one of the best squads in the region under our ranks.» roster in PUBG:

Aleksandr «BatulinS» Batulin;

Kirill «Lu» Lukianov;

Yaroslav «spyrro» Kuvichko;

Dmytro «Perfect1ks» Dubeniuk;

Ramazan «H1RUZEN» Valiullin (coach);

Alexander «Dyrem» Sevirinov (manager and analyst).