Orange: Introduction

On July 16, our club announced the changes in ruNAVI PUBG roster. uaVladislav "Orange" Ostroushko is the newest addition to the team, and in this article, you'll get to know him better.

Vladislav started playing PUBG professionally in 2018. His first professional esports organization was ru USSR eSports, where ua Orange gained valuable experience and useful skills.

From the very beginning of his career, Vladislav earned the love of fans thanks to his playing skills, establishing himself as a player who is not afraid of any obstacles and is always ready to work for the result. Over time, sharp shooting and excellent understanding of the game have made him one of the strongest in the competitive PUBG scene.

Hello, we are glad to see you in ua NAVI! How did you start your journey in PUBG? Why did you choose this particular game?

Hi! Before PUBG, I've played Arma 3. DAYZ mods, Battle Royale. Then I saw that PUBG was released in alpha version. I watched streams for a while and thought about whether I should buy the game. And sometime in May 2017, I decided to buy it and started playing.

The professional PUBG scene has been in decline over the past year. Have you ever thought about changing the game, playing in a different title?

I do what I enjoy doing. If I wanted to change the title or do something else in general other than PUBG, I would have done it.

You have been a ru UNITY player for a very long time. What have you learned during this time, what valuable experience have you gained?

In general, we created ru UNITY together with the manager, Yura. We always built teams for the future, tried to spend time as productively as possible, and build the training process. I learned discipline, teamwork, worked, and still work on some individual, personal qualities.

As part ofru UNITY, ua Orange was a captain. Last year, participating in the first phase of PUBG Europe League Contenders 2019, Vladyslav took his team to the first place. The player is the reigning champion of GLL Wingman IX PRO.

Prior to joining ru UNITY, Vladyslav also played for ru Tornado Energy Storm and made a name for himself at the Polaris Series 2018 tournament, hitting the top-3 with the team.

How will the roles in the team be assigned?

I can't tell you that, it's an internal affair. I will only say that I will no longer be the captain, as it was in the previous teams. Now I will play a different role.

There is a lot of work before PCS 2. Will you radically change something in your game?

In general, the game will change a little, at least due to the fact that the team has a new player. I can't tell you the details, you'll see for yourself later :)

What type of weapon do you prefer to use in the game?

Beryl m762 and Mini14 / SLR.

What are your thoughts on Patch 8.1, which has already arrived on test servers? Is the game balanced now, or do the developers still have something to work on?

Beryl is very strong in patch 8 now. It seems to me that it needs to be nerfed, because its TTK, time to kill, is too short, this weapon simply annihilates people.

There will be a lot of new features in 8.1. The updated Sanhok, you can throw, set fire to canisters, and a bunch of other things, but I think this is mostly for the public games. Nothing will change dramatically in competitive.

What's still missing in PUBG?

Weapon balance. A good, complete, third competitive map (not Vikendi or Sanhok).

Favorite map and favorite starting spot?

Erangel Novorepnoe.

Any final words for the fans?

Thank you for your support! We will try to show good results in the long run.

We will be able to see the updated ru Natus Vincere roster in action at PUBG Continental Series 2. The tournament will take place in August, the exact date will be announced later. Stay with us, follow the news and cheer for the Born to Win!