NAVI PUBG roster changes

ua Natus Vincere esports club announced changes in PUBG rooster. Due to unsatisfactory results at PUBG Continental Series, ua Vladyslav "Orange" Ostroushko will replace ru Dmitrii "Kemba7" Rozhkov.
Dmitrii was playing for ua NAVI since January 3, 2020. During this time the team became the champion of the European final of PGS: Berlin, won the PSL Season 6 online championship and took third place at the PUBG Continental Series charity tournament. We truly thank ru Kemba7 for his contribution to the team and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.
ua Orange is a professional player from Kharkiv. He’d played for zz Tornado Energy Storm and zzUNITY. ua Orange is a reigning champion of the duo-tournament GLL Wingman.

"Kemba7 is a very strong player who proved himself well in the past tournaments. However, he does not fit our current playstyle in some respects. We had to make a difficult decision regarding him being replaced. We wish Dima the best of luck and are deeply grateful for the time he spent in the roster.

We’ve chosen Vladyslav “Orange” Ostroushko, as he’s got everything it takes to be a successful player. He has a solid aim, vast experience, and a good sense of game.
Welcome to Natus Vincere! We’ve got a lot to do together before the PCS2."

Natus Vincere PUBG roster:

ru Arsenii "ceh9" Ivanychev
ru Andrey "Bestoloch" Ionov
ru Vitaly "TheTab" Karkeshkin
ua Vladyslav "Orange" Ostroushko
ru Alexander "Dyrem" Sevirinov (coach)
ru Valeriia "Lera_X" Khegai (manager)