Training Day: Romain ‘Shiv’ Hermann

In the second in our ‘Training Day’ series we are joined by RYE Gaming’s ‘Shiv’ from his home just outside of Paris. The experienced PUBG player talks us through his daily routine, from exercising to fragging out on Team Deathmatch, and shares why nothing beats “that winning feeling.” 

I wake up… usually between 1-2pm, so pretty late I guess. I’ll jump straight in the shower so I am feeling fresh and ready to go. 

I like to… spend the first hour of my day chilling in the garden and getting some fresh air. I think it’s important to not go on the computer instantly, I spend a lot of time on there so it’s nice to relax outside and play with my cat. 

Shiv likes to get some fresh air before firing up his PC and landing on the battleground.

For lunch… I try to eat light, especially if we have a tournament starting in the afternoon. Things like pasta salads are pretty good, if I eat something heavy then I find I lose my energy around game four or five. 

If I need a boost I’ll keep a chocolate bar near by to top me up. Diets are a pretty important part of being a professional PUBG player, although I am not always the best example.

On tournament days… I spend an hour early afternoon warming up to make sure I am feeling sharp. I like to practice on Team Deathmatch – it’s fast, frantic and it doesn’t really matter if you die because you can just go again. We then have a team call where we talk through tactics and strategy. 

There are certain rules we have on the battleground, for example we always use names and never say ‘someone’, it’s always good to remind each other of those.

I really believe in the importance of talking to your teammates regularly, and not just about PUBG. If you’re going to work together on the battleground then you need to build relationships and trust one another. 

Top Tip: Always use your teammates’ names when you’re on the battleground.

My training space… is currently my bedroom at my parents’ house. I have two monitors, one for streaming and one for playing. I also have a mixer for sound which helps me adjust the volume to the perfect level.

It’s a pretty spacious room which I like, I usually pull the blinds down and turn on the light to help me focus. 

Shiv’s ‘‘ simple set up’’ is built for success.

If you want to make it as a pro… then you have to play, play and play some more. You can have breaks, but really you have to be training at least 5 days a week. 

You also need that level of intensity because the PUBG scene is really strong right now, and just because you’re playing at the top level that doesn’t mean someone else won’t come along and overtake you. 

Interestingly, it can be really challenging playing against teams from Open Qualifiers because they are an unknown entity. For example, if I play Team Liquid I have a good idea of how they will approach the game, but that’s not the case for new teams. They surprise you, they make decisions that professionals might not, and that’s a huge strength for them in tournaments. 

Top Tip: You’ve got to put in the hours.

There is no better feeling… than winning! Nothing beats that when you are a pro PUBG esports player. A few months ago, we were in really good form and were definitely one of the best teams in Europe. We had a new player in Naylup, and UdyrMayFire became our new IGL, and we just clicked – we enjoyed some great results at GLL and the PGS Berlin: Europe Qualifier finals. 

In the evenings… I’ll usually have a tournament and after that I like to exercise. I’ve got an app which helps me keep fit, and I find it clears my head nicely after a busy day of playing PUBG. Otherwise I’ll just chill, maybe watch a film or some football – I like PSG.