12 Nov, 2019

PUBG leaks: what to expect in the near future

Datameiner PlayerIGN has published a new video on his youtube channel where he revealed some novelties that are currently being developed and scheduled for release in 2019/2020. According to the insider, PUBG Corporation is testing several new weapons and vehicles, new modes and maps, a clan system, and much more. The complete list looks like this:

  • New weapons: P90 submachine gun, Famas assault rifle, HK G3 rifle.
  • New boat for Miramar.
  • Team Deathmatch mode with two or three separate maps.
  • Explosives C4 and Claymore mines.
  • Bulletproof shield together with a new motion/animation system (which took a long time to develop - for this reason, the release of the shield was delayed for so long).
  • Training mode with zombies, which can be played offline. The mod is being developed by the new team and will be ready by the end of next year.
  • Scene mode of the game.
  • Rating system and clan system.