All you need to know about the renewed Win94

In the 5.1 update game developers have greatly increased the popularity of Win94 among the players, adding adjustable scope as an option. In this regard, Streamer and content maker WackyJacky101 released a new video, which listed a few useful facts about Winchester.

  • Sights of Win94 are 2.7. The sight slightly changes colors, making them "warm".
  • The initial speed of the Win94 bullet and its trajectory are identical to those of the Kar98k (the ballistics of the two types of rifles are identical).
  • To adjust the mouse sensitivity when aiming with Win94, it is necessary to change the sensitivity slider at the sight with a magnification of 2x in the game settings.
  • Win94 kills an opponent with a Level 1 helmet from one shot to the head and deals a maximum of 99 damage to an enemy with a Level 2 helmet.
  • Bullet Loops increase the reload speed by 30%.
  • Win94's sight swings just like a Kar98k's (without the Cheek Pad) sight.
  • Win94 is the only weapon in the game that can have a gold scope (if it has a gold skin).