New throwing mechanincs

Streamer and Dataminer PlayerIGN have tested a new feature that allows teammates to throw different items (first-aid kits, ammo, etc.) from a distance. PlayerIGN has published on its channel a video with a brief overview of the new mechanics. Here is how it is described in the 5.1 update:

  • Added feature allowing players to throw certain requested items to teammates.
  • When a teammate requests healing or ammo items through radio messages (mouse wheel) an icon will appear above their head, prompting teammates to throw the requested items to them by pressing the interact button (F)
  • Items can be thrown a maximum of 15m.
    • While running, or in a difficult to reach position, teammates may be unable to throw items to your location and the items will instead fall nearby.
  • Items thrown to you by teammates will be placed directly into your inventory.
    • If your inventory is full, the items will be dropped on the ground at your feet.