DBS damage test

There's been a lot of arguments lately regarding the new gun which would be added as a part of the next 4.3 update. For example, one of the most popular PUBG guide makers published a statement in his twitter regarding this gun and his opinion on its belonging.

He has also made a detailed guide on this weapon effectiveness on different ranges. The description of this item in the 4.3 update patchnotes is quite moderate and it would be great to know for all the PUBG players what awaits them as soon as the next patch bursts out on live servers.

  • The DBS is a double barrel pump-action bullpup shotgun that can only be initially obtained from Care Packages.
  • DBS has two internal magazine tubes that allow the user to load up to fourteen 12-gauge rounds.
    • Thanks to those combined firing mechanics, DBS can produce massive bursts of damage in a short time span.
  • Upper rail of the gun allows a Holographic, Red Dot Sight, and 2x to 6x Scopes.
  • Maximum effective range to deal damage with the DBS is 100 m.