Reworked Erangel is put on hold for Phase 3

A big upset have been announced by PUBG Corp regarding the next phase of PEL in particular and all leagues all around the globe. The previous update 4.1 with the huge Erangel rework seems to be nothing for the esports part of competitive PUBG. Shocking news have been announced - Phase 3 would be played without the updates for the new Erangel.

The visually updated new Erangel will not be applied to Phase 3 for the following reasons:

  • We plan to conduct an in-depth review of the technical stability of the new Erangel. To ensure competitive integrity, we intend to introduce any new map only after it has been proven through sufficient testing that bugs, errors, and other glitches are minimally present.
  • We plan to introduce the new Erangel after it has been balanced optimally for esports. As the map was changed by the visual update, we are working on tuning the esports settings for the map that can satisfy both the professional players and the fans.
  • We want to provide enough time for professional players to train and to adapt to the new Erangel, so that they can fully understand the new map and perform at a high level.

Q: Will the new Erangel be at PUBG Global Championship?

  • PUBG will listen to feedback from professional players and fans regarding the introduction of the new Erangel. When the map has been sufficiently tested for stability, we will consider introducing new Erangel to the competitive map pool.

We sincerely thank you for your support of the 2019 PUBG Nations Cup and promise that we will return with more exciting and sophisticated PUBG esports!

 That seems to be quite odd due to the fact that the all the players, including the pros, are forced to play on the renewed map and they would have no chance to play on the old one.