AVANGAR is another organization to quit PUBG; 0nuqtive to UNITY

Alexey "0nuqtive" Trufanov has become a bench player for of Unity. Trufanov is still contracted with his former team AVANGAR. He has represented AVANGAR since November 2017.
In addition, AVANGAR announced the suspension of its activities in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. As CEO explained, AVANGAR will return to discipline only when it “returns its former appeal to eSports clubs.”
 Alexey "0nuqtive" Trufanov:

    It is unfortunate that I have to say goodbye - it was a wonderful period in my life. I am really sorry that he came to an end, because with AVANGAR I discovered eSports, won the first tournament and met great people. I thank the organization for its trust and open opportunities, in particular Yengoon. And my path does not end there.

AVANGAR CEO Yongoon Kim:

Competitive PUBG still cannot take place as a discipline interesting to the core of the CIS audience. We considered the option of participating in PEL, however, even the major league is not able to meet the media expectations of potential partners. Having invested in the discipline for almost two years, we will be ready to continue as soon as it returns its former attractiveness to eSports clubs.

Three weeks ago AVANGAR abandoned its current PUBG roster: Artem “t0q” Bygaev became a free agent, and the other four players were put up for transfer.
On August 5, UNITY updated its PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds roster for the start of the third phase of the pro league. Vacant places in the roster were taken by Taras “Snoopykx” Bezyazychny and Andrey “Qw1zzy” Pobedinsky.