0nuqtive: Passing the closed qualifiers for PEL is the most crucial step in our career

Here's an interview taken by Starladder staff from the AVANGAR star player Alexey Trufanov.

You have almost completely changed the lineup of the team. Tell me please, who is responsible for coordination now and how are the roles assigned in the roster?

Yes, I am the only one remaining from the old AVANGAR. We are jointly responsible for coordination and actions, we do not have any defined captain. This has its advantages, but also obvious disadvantages. For example, sometimes we lack an ultimate decision, but I am sure that we will cope with this.

Now about weapon. Max usually gets all bolted sniper rifles, I prefer AR's, azverin with Snoopykx use AR's as well as DMR's. The main thing is not to give AKM's to Snoopykx, and AWM's to azverin :D To me as well, by the way (I'm talking about AWM's).

What was your first impression about the new teammates?

The guys want to win and understand how the game works.

Who is the “soul” of the team? Who is in charge of the mood?

The soul of the team? I do not know, but azverin is just a darling! Snoopykx sometimes makes great jokes on the behalf of the enemy, which is why, when I push, my laughter literally makes my hands shaking, so I can't shoot, thanks. Who else... Ah! Maxim, this man uses a scorpion with Beryl, may he rest in peace, and also red half grip. But in fact, Max is a cool dude, we still have to win GLL's Wingman with him;)

Have your usual landing zones changed after reshuffles?

Of course, they did, now we prefer plants nearby Milta and Sosnovka on Erangel. Upper Georgopol is also an option, but rather as a fallback. It is more comfortable for us to play from the South of the map.

On Miramar, we take La Cobreria, El Azahar, or Tierra Bronca with Campo Militar. Prior to that, my usual place to start looting on Erangel was Upper Georgopol, while on Miramar - Minas Generales.

Do you have a team motto to raise the team spirit? If so, tell me a little about how he appeared, how it sounds when you use it.

Well, motto. Recently it became ALGA AVANGAR.

How did you and the other players take the news about the appearance of such a big league in PUBG? What were your first thoughts when you found out about it?

Awesome news! I want to go to Berlin again! At first, it was not clear how it would all work, because once in the league you need to play on the LAN 3 times a week for two months, and a need to live in another country for 2 months seemed like a strange idea. Now we are motivated to go through closed qualifiers for PEL, I think that this is the most crucial step in our career.

What update of the game for the last month has pleased you the most?

I wasn’t happy with the latest updates, but let it be the patch where Shooting range (#21) was added, which allows me to warm up and test my weapon. And a patch with team crates before PGI (#18).

Winter is coming, and that means the release of the winter map! Are you waiting for this event? And what do you think about the map pool in PUBG? Does it have to be diversified a little bit?

I'm really waiting for it, I love the winter setting. It is very interesting how they will use the water, for example, is there going to be any ice? And if so, will it crack? By the way, there will finally be a place to use white camouflage, the one that from the very release of the game hasn't had any practical use, but still, people will run with purple M24 (hi Maxim Maxiz0r).

The ideal map pool in PUBG for me is about 5 maps with different biomes. Desert, Forest, Jungle, Savannah maybe? And the winter will be. Actually, I liked Wake island and Bozcaada, as well as Stratis in ArmA 3 BR.