Season 4 + Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath will arrive on consoles later this summer along with an improved BP Ecosystem.

Hello everyone,

PUBG SEASON 4 and Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH will land on consoles in late summer. Along with Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH, we will be introducing a new system that will allow you to swap out the pass missions more often using BP. We will also be implementing a few ways to make BP more useful and valuable, which we addressed in a previous letter, Dev Letter: BP Ecosystem Improvement Plan.

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*Xbox One and PS4 players combined

As you can see in the graph above, there is a considerable amount of BP in the economy which is being accumulated over time without being spent. To boost the inherent value of BP, we’ve prepared a few measures:

  • With the upcoming July update, there will be 28 skins that you can purchase using BP.Image not found
  • *A few examples of BP items that will be available with the July update
  • With the August update, we will be introducing Madsy sneakers collection that will be sold with BP.​​​​​​​*Madsy collection that will be available with the August update
  • We will be adding a variety of new BP skins this fall, including BattleStat skins.
  • You will have the ability to swap out your missions in Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH if you want to reroll more than the amount given freely.

As we start to implement the above measures, we hope players will find BP more valuable and effective with these changes.

We are also excited to announce official details regarding the July PTS and live update. The PTS will be open on July 23, and will be available for two weeks, closing on August 6.


  • July 23: PTS opens
  • July 30: Live server update
  • August 6: PTS closes

The reason for the PTS closing a week after the live server update is to test backend server stabilizations, which will then be applied to live servers on August 13. As a token of our gratitude for your help in testing out these important stabilizations, we will be sending out BP rewards to those who actively participate in the test.

  • First week participation: 4,000 BP
    – More than three hours of gameplay required
  • Second week participation: 4,000 BP
    – More than three hours of gameplay required
  • For participating in both weeks: Bonus 2,000 BP 

All in all, you will be able to earn a total of 10,000 BP if you fully participate in this test. We hope to see you all on the PTS on July 23!

Soon Ho Choi and PUBG Console Team