PUBG Nations Cup: Europe Team, Player, and Coach Selection

Team Selection

For the first-ever PUBG Nations Cup, the aim in Europe was to strike a balance between the regions represented while ensuring a high level of skill among eligible competitors. We can’t wait to see how Finland, Germany, Russia, Turkey, and the UK get on in Korea, and we’re confident they’ll each make esports fans across the continent proud.

But first we’ll need to find out who’ll be dropping into the Jangchung Arena to challenge for each team. All active pro-level players with citizenship from the competing countries will be eligible to represent their nation. Here’s how player selection will work in Europe.

Player Selection

The first two competitors will earn their places based on PEL Phase 2 performance:

  •  Eligible players will be ranked and selected based on their PEL team’s final position in the Phase 2 standings.
    • ·Based on the Phase 2 Week 7 standings, Mykle and Rawryy of TSM would be selected as the UK’s first two competitors, as they’re the highest-placed UK players in PEL. 
  •  If three or more eligible players from one nation finish at the same team rank, the top two players will be determined by total kills during PEL Phase 2.
    • ·Based on the Week 7 standings, four Russian players are top of the PEL standings with NAVI. Two of these four competitors will earn places based on their total kills during the phase.

The third and fourth players to represent their nation will be chosen via a vote among their peers taking place from July 7-9. Eligible players from PEL, NPL, and the ESL AU & NZ Championship can also be selected:

  •  Active pro-level and PEL Contenders players from Finland, Germany, Russia, and the UK will have the chance to vote for team members to represent their respective nations
    • · No player vote will be required for team Turkey 
  •  Each player can cast two votes for their preferred representatives
    • ·Players will not be able to vote for themselves
  •  If three or more players receive the same number of votes, a new vote will be held between the tied competitors only

Team Diversity

To encourage team diversity, nations with six or more eligible competitors cannot feature more than two players from a single pro team. Nations with fewer than six pro-level players in their total competitor pool will be able to feature multiple players from the same squad.

Coach Selection

Once national squads are finalized, the first task facing the four selected players will be to choose their coach. Like the competing roster, coaches should have pro-level experience and be a citizen of the country they’ll be representing.