Dev Letter: BP Ecosystem Improvement

Hello Players!

I’m Jeongjin Kook, part of the PUBG development team working on the BP ecosystem. Today, I wanted to take a little time to discuss BP and our upcoming plans for it. As many of you know, players are rewarded at the end of each match with a certain amount of BP, or Battlegrounds Points. BP is the default currency of PUBG and can be used to purchase crates or limited release items in the in-game store. As our game grew and we focused on content and fixing fundamental issues, the amount of BP in the economy grew, as we weren’t regularly adding new ways for our players to spend it.

We understand that BP is an important currency in PUBG, as it represents the time you’ve invested into our game, so we’ve been thinking of new ways to reward you for that time spent. Today, we would like to share our upcoming plans for BP and some of the upcoming items you’ll be able to purchase with it.

How to obtain BP

“BP = Reward for playtime + kills + damage inflicted + rank”

First, we’ll go over the basics of BP. Our Dev Team addressed BP acquisition balance last September, to make earning BP more consistent with the fundamental goal of PUBG- survival. The modified system enabled players to obtain BP in proportion to the number of games played, regardless of which mode or map they played on.

<Average BP per account trends(PC Version)>
*Average BP trends in Console platforms may differ

But as you can see in the graph above, there was still a considerable amount of BP accumulating over time without being spent. It became clear that we had to offer our players new options for spending their BP so that the currency could regain its diminishing value.

Direction of improvement

We want your time spent in PUBG to be valuable and thus wanted BP to be able to purchase some cool new items on all platforms. The goal for these items is to provide something everyone can work towards, from smaller items like costumes, all the way up to a couple bigger items that won’t come cheap, but celebrate the skill of a player with that much BP lying around. The first of the new BP items will start to appear with the June patch for PC version and there is no planned time for removal from the store, meaning you can take your time and save up for what you want! In addition, we’re planning on letting you use BP in some other ways as well. For example, we’re exploring changing out some of the upcoming Survivor Pass missions more often at the cost of BP.

Of course, we’ll continue to look at additional ways that we can let you get the most out of your hard earned currency. If things go as well as our dev team envisions, then BP would become more effective, our next step would be considering how to diversify channels through which both our PC and console players can acquire BP beyond only earning it as gameplay rewards in the long-term.

Closing thoughts

We appreciate every hour you spend in our game and we want to make sure you feel rewarded for that dedication. With the addition of these items, we hope the increased value of BP makes it a worthy reward for the time you spend in PUBG. New BP items of June’s patch for PC are only the beginning of this initiative and we will continue to keep BP a satisfying reward as we expand its usage and release more items. Console will also move forward with this direction and plan, and we will share you soon for more information. As always, any and all feedback is welcome and will be of great help as we continue to refine BP and its future uses.

Thank you.

– Jeongjin Kook from Design Team of PUBG Premium Dev Unit