Fuzzface received a monthly twitch ban

One of the FaZe Clan star players David "Fuzzface" Tillberg would be missing his streams on twitch.tv for a month due to hatefull speech towards the Greek streamer Mitsigas.

Their conflict started with Fuzzface killing his opponent during his live stream. Then the Greek player started harrassing David, after a short exchange of insults Fuzzface has crossed the line mentioning the Greek language and economy. At last the twitch mods have banned channels of both streamers & removed all the clips of their conflict from the platform.

He killed a greek guy (MitsigasTwitchTV). The latter raged and went to Fuzz's chat to talk poopy things. He wasn't a follower, so he got hit by the 30 mins follower requirement cheese. Finally he was able to communicate with Fuzz. Insults went back and forth, and Fuzz ended up saying that Greece's economy and their language is, well, let's say subpar. A big part of SprEEEzy's stream was about this incident too, maybe I'm not 100% accurate with the story, so check it out if you want to. If I recall correctly he got a 30 days ban.