Fuzzface: “Qualifying for the next PUBG Classic is reasonable

Here's the interview taken from FaZe Clan leader David "Fuzzface" Tillberg .

Just as Phase 2 of PUBG Europe League kicked off, we spoke to long-time FaZe Clan player, David "Fuzzface" Tillberg Persson, about his expectations for the competition, how roster changes affected the team’s performance, and his feelings on the current state of PUBG.

The roster changes you made late last year had a visible effect on the team's overall performance. What are your feelings toward your placements in PEL Phase 1?

Our roster changes didn’t affect us much at first, our chemistry was good and we played really well. Then, like always with new rosters, after a little while problems started to arise - this was during Phase 1. There were mostly a communication issues, as well as a few struggles with how the game is being played right now. We had issues adapting to the new meta.

Now we're starting to feel a little bit more comfortable with each other as teammates and having passed that initial part where it was really rocky and rough, we're all starting to get where we want to be.

Your team showed a lot of promise in the PEL Kick-Off Cup, ultimately placing third. How did you feel about that placement?

It was a lot better than the seventh place which we got in the Phase 1, but it was also against Contender teams so we don't take too much away from that placement. It was nice to be in that top three region again, it boosted our confidence but we're not satisfied with it.

Did something in particular click for you in that tournament or was it more playing against Contenders teams that benefited you?

I don't think anything really clicked. In the qualifying stage, we did really poorly and barely made it to the finals. In the finals we played pretty decently but there was a lot of issues. I don't feel like anything specifically clicked or went a lot better, it was more so the level of the competition.

FaZe Clan - mxey, Aitzy, Fuzzface, Ubah

What are your expectations for Phase 2 of PEL when it comes to your team's placement?

I expect a lot from our team because I know we have insanely talented players, so it's more about just making the team work because we know our players are good. We’re just trying to make our team work better. We are all always looking towards winning, obviously, but qualifying for next PUBG Classic is reasonable and something that I really look at as a goal.

Out of all of the roster changes that came in the off-season, which team do you think has come out the strongest?

There was a lot of roster changes actually, but I think - on paper, at least - that Natus Vincere made the strongest moves to improve their roster. That's not to take away from any of the other roster changes though. I think that Na’Vi really tried to pick the best players from individual teams.

Which squads are the biggest threats to FaZe Clan going into the second phase?

I think there are probably six or seven teams that I wouldn't be surprised if they won Phase 2 so we're not really looking towards one individual team. These teams, when they play their game, they’re really strong. PUBG is really mental-driven game so if you're not feeling confident and not playing the best you can, then things can crumble really fast and you start performing really poorly.

David "Fuzzface" Tillberg Persson is a player for FaZe Clan.

Which are the squads to look out for in Contenders that you think will find their way into PEL in Phase 3?

Probably Zoekt een Naam, they have played really well so far in the Contender league. I’d say they’re the main contender to qualify into PEL for Phase 3.

What do you think of the current in-game settings? PUBG Corp. has been very active when it comes to updates as of late.

I think the current in-game settings are okay, obviously it can tweak things a little bit more. I still think that, for example, you find too many nades right now. That can be changed so that you can only carry two, three, or any other number. I think that was the main reason why people started saying that nade's were so overpowered, you simply find too many now with the new loot settings.

I also understand the reasons behind why they want to shorten down the game to 30 minutes each but it affects the gameplay a lot. I think they're doing the best they can with it.

What do you think about shortening down the period in which each game lasts?

Shortening the game time basically makes teams do fewer thought-out moves. You can also argue the point that you have to be a better team to make these decisions faster but I feel like that it limits the options of the teams. I understand that it probably makes each game a little bit more interesting as it speeds things up.