Update 27a - Patch Notes

Welcome Guys,

Continuing on the coattails of our recent balance patch, we’re excited to announce even more big changes coming to PUBG in today’s update. We’ve always tried to push the envelope here at PUBG, creating the most realistic Battle Royale experience possible, but today we’re taking that commitment and shooting for the moon!

New Map: The Moon

With the popularity of the Moonlight weather setting on Vikendi, we worked hard to determine what it was about that mode that engaged fans so much. After countless hours, we were able to determine that it was the full moon itself that fascinated players. Our next course of action became clear; have the next great PUBG map be on the surface of the moon!

  • New Map: The Moon

  • PUBG’s biggest map to date at over 3,476 square kilometers!
  • New Feature: “Zero G”
    • Players will not receive fall damage on the Moon.
    • Jump height and duration are increased by 10x on the Moon.
    • Players struck with heavy-hitting weapons (melee, shotguns) will be flung for several meters slowly over time.
  • Players on the Moon will leave footprints.

  • The Moon will have no weather cycles, but will either be lit or in complete darkness depending on which side you spawn on.
  • Boost gauge and boost items will be replaced with oxygen tanks on the moon.
    • Players will need to keep oxygen tanks on hand in order to not suffocate.
  • New Moon Exclusive Vehicle: Moon Rover
    • Rovers will be key to survival on the moon, as players have thousands of meters to cover to get to the safe zone.

We’re incredibly excited to push the boundaries of realistic Battle Royale with our new map. For players who truly want to immerse themselves in this new frontier, keep an eye out for Survivor Pass: Cosmonaut, coming soon!

New Content

  • Added a revenge bomb as loot to all maps.
    • The bomb is held in your inventory and explodes once an enemy opens your deathbox.
    • Players can set a pre-recorded message to play after the bomb goes off.
  • Added new Vikendi-exclusive weapon, the Squirt Gun.
    • Enemies hit by the squirt gun will take damage over time as they gain stacks of frostbite.
  • Increased squad sizes to a maximum of 20.
    • Added the Stretch Limousine and Party Bus as new squad transport vehicles.
  • Added Level 4 helmets to the game.
    • Completely resistant to bullets.
    • Reduces screen visibility considerably.


  • Added an option for “Winner Winner Tofu Dinner” for our vegetarian and vegan fans.
  • Thanks to the dedicated work of several fans, “Wadu Hek” is now a selectable language option.
  • Teamed up with WackyJacky101 to add a welcome message to the in-game lobby.
    • Sound will play globally each time a new player loads in.
    • We hope being welcomed to the game each time improves your play experience.

Skins and Cosmetics

  • Added a smart algorithm to social channels that delays chocoTaco items by one week each time we’re asked about them.

Gameplay Changes

  • To better emphasize survival in PUBG, frying pans can now be used to cook food.
    • Added a new win condition using the pan
      • Players able to collect components and cook their own Chicken Dinner will instantly win the match without having to be the lone survivor.
  • Boosts now inflict a stacking % chance to cause your character to suffer a heart attack.
    • Energy Drink: 2%
    • Painkillers: 10%
    • Adrenaline: 25%
  • Players now have a chance to injure their arm when involved in scooter accidents.
    • (Get well soon!)

New Gameplay Features

  • Because life always finds a way, we’ve added animations and AI to the dinosaurs in Dino Park on Vikendi.
  • All players now start each game with a cell phone in their inventory.
    • Players can use the phone to play PUBG Mobile while camping in houses or waiting for the zone.
    • Phone may also be used to take in-game selfies and will post automatically to linked social media accounts.
  • Added region-appropriate, dangerous wildlife to each map
    • Erangel – Grizzly Bears
    • Miramar – Jaguars
    • Sanhok – Giant Pythons
    • Vikendi – Yeti
    • The Moon – Wizards
    • Training Camp – WackyJacky101
  • Players who don’t like the idea of killing can now opt to stay in the plane and fly back to civilization.
  • Pistols can now accept up to a 15x scope.
  • Added Step Counter integration to the game.
    • In-game steps will now count towards your daily total.
  • Added full auto mode to SR weapons.
    • The following weapons are affected:
      • Kar98k
      • M24
      • AWM

This update represents just a small taste of PUBG’s infinite potential. We hope you enjoy these changes and as always look forward to your feedback!

See you on The Moon!

 Don't forget what's the date is it today.