HayZ retiring from competitive play

Former Team Liquid player & the free agent from now on Daniel "Hayz" Heaysman has clarified the situation about his plans to stick with PUBG.

I've decided to stop playing PUBG on a competitive level.

I told myself, before joining 'Zoekt Een Naam', that this would be my final attempt at competing in PUBG. As it happens, things didn't work out and thats ok!
Sometimes you've got to be honest with yourself. I realised that I'll probably never be at the level I need to be to challenge the best teams and players.
And I'm honestly ok with that too! ?

Whats next for Hayz?
I'm obviously extremely passionate and PUBG and PUBG as an esport. So you're stuck with me I'm afraid... ?
From now on, I'll be taking more of an analytical approach to PUBG. Whether this be as PUBG Event Desk Talent or for a professional PUBG team that needs an extra shove in the right direction.

Oh and not to worry! I'm still streaming most days in the mornings like normal ?

I'll also still be playing FACEIT, destroying all your hopes and dreams of a Fiat500 ?

Anyway, thanks to everyone that's supported me during my time competing and thanks to everyone that will continue to support with whatever I do next! ❤️

 It's nice to see the attitude the man