PGI Charity Showdown Winners

Shroud, Ninja, DrDisRespect, Moondye, Rubiu5, Willyrex, Sacriel, and many more competed in the PGI Charity Showdown, but no one could take down the vicious combo of Evermore, Juankorea, and Gen.G Gold’s GOLD_SimSn and GOLD_EscA. After completely dominating the TPP portion of PGI 2018, the golden boys from South Korea proved their mettle yet again in the FPP-only Charity Showdown.
That means they’ve earned $600,000 to give to the charity of their choice. Full list of winners below:
Members: Evermore, Juankorea, GOLD_SimSn, and GOLD_EscA
Amount earned for charity: $600,000 ($150,000 per player)
Members: mifengaaa, 4AM_GodV, 4AM_GuCun, 4AM_Kenny
Amount earned for charity: $300,000 ($75,000 per player)
Members: VLDL-Ben, VLDL-Rowan, KNIGHTS_Voxsic, and KNIGHTS_TEXQS
Amount earned for charity: $100,000 ($25,000 per player)

It’s worth pointing out here that FPP mode isn’t actually an active queue in South Korea, where all four members of today’s winning squad hail from. These players are dominating the world’s best PUBG players in an unfamiliar country and in an unfamiliar game type.
All eyes will certainly be on Gen.G Gold when the FPP portion of PGI begins tomorrow on 6am PDT | 3pm CEST | 10pm KST. Catch the games and see who’ll take home the FPP tourney’s $1 million prize pool by tuning in using one of the links below.

P.S. About that weird Shroud grenade in today’s final game...

At one point in today’s tournament it looked very much like Shroud was denied two kills by a grenade bug.
Here’s the angle shown on stream at PGI:
At first we at PUBG Corp. thought there might be some bug preventing grenades from dealing full damage, but further investigation proved that the grenade had simply bounced just out of lethal range (and the angle of the observer’s camera obscured this fact).
Here’s the same toss shown from a different angle that shows the bounce more clearly:
And the image above shows the grenade just a moment before it blew up. Shroud’s ‘nade tossing skills are legendary, but this one ended up just a hair too far from its intended target.