Devs are interested in tier 3 helmet rebalance

Not all of the things that are introduced into the game are done properly - back in the day VSS used to be one of the main guns in the airdrop, which has been an object of taunts by all of the community. Some changes that are implemented in the game are rolled back quickly (like the recent bluezone rebalance) and some of them seem to be obvious and people now keep wondering how that used to be a thing(like tommy gun in airdrops).

Since the game release on steam more than a year ago the most desired thing among all players have been no doubt the tier 3 helmet which has created a lot of memes and became one of the game symbols already. The recent changes with transferring it exclusively to airdrops have shifted the game balance and now the game developers are seeking for the answer if what they did is right.

Hey friends,

As you know, we recently made changes to the level 3 helmet, preventing them from spawning as a ground spawn, but instead only appearing in airdrop crates.

Now that you've had a chance to play with those changes for a few weeks, we'd love to know what you think. Our development team will be getting a report from the feedback in this thread, so let us know your opinion on the change.

 If you wanna share your opinion on the situation - u should join the conversation on reddit.