How to use a VSS properly

The VSS Sniper Rifle receives a lot of hate, but is it really deserved? I think not. This guide shows how to PROPERLY use the VSS Sniper rifle in PUBG.

Since the VSS was introduced into the game it has received a lot of hate from the community. Basically it was because the VSS could be found in airdrops, which equaled it to Tommy gun. This happened because on the stage of the game, when players decided to hunt drops they already had good loot and it was hard to find a practical use to VSS. One of the reasons behind it is that the developers transferred the gun incorrectly from the real life. VSS uses a standart 9mm round though in real life it uses 9x39mm round.  Ballistics of the gun was transeferred correctly in general , but the firepower hurt a lot.

In this video WackJacky101 talks about the VSS - how properly to use it, how to aim with it, its pros and cons. Lets have a look!