BIG roster changes

The reshuffle continues among european teams, after recent changes in the rosters of the top teams some of the players have received a free agent status. Former Team Liquid player Daniel "Hayz" Heysman was one of them but luckily for him not for long - European multigaming organization Berlin International Gaming has signed him alongside with the young Lithuanin 16 year old Karolis “ezys” Simovičius.

Statement Christian Lenz, CGO

We had some disappointing results after we announced our full time lineup in October 2017, so it was about time to change something to bring the team back on track. With “Hayz” we added a very experienced player from Team Liquid, he directly fits into his new role and helps TONI and hudzG a lot with our gameplan. Special thanks to Team Liquid for helping us to make this transfer happen. Our last new player is the very talented 16y old Ezys from Lithuania, he had some very promising plays already for us and he might become one of the future star players in PUBG. The team practiced a lot since December and already showed with some decent results in several leagues (Global Loot League, Auzom Premier League and PUBG Contender) what they are capable of.

Statement Daniel “Hayz” Heaysman

This is a really exciting time for me. Being able to find a team that I mesh so well with, makes me feel optimistic for the future. I’m very much looking forward to working with BIG and the team. This is a ‘BIG’ step in the right direction.

Statement Karolis “ezys” Simovičius

I had the feeling that I could go really far in the game since I started playing PUBG, so I wanted to play as much as I can to see what I can achieve. After a lot of invested and waiting time I got picked up by TONI and his team BIG, so I got finally the chance to play on top level in a top organisation. Looking forward to what we can achieve as a team in the future!