PGC 2022 Tournament Structure Announcement

PUBG CONTINENTAL SERIES 7 is just about to begin!

As the finest teams from all around the world prepare for the battle at PCS7, we'd like to provide a bit more detailed information about our biggest tournament of the year, PGC 2022.

Read on for more details of the tournament.

PGC 2022 Tournament

The PUBG Global Championship 2022(PGC 2022) will be a complete Offline(LAN) tournament, inviting all 32 teams and over 128 players back to the arena.

Tournament Structure

The tournament will begin its journey on November 1st with a Group Stage and end with a Grand Final starting on November 18th.

Week 1 - Group Stage

The first week of PGC 2022 will start with the Group Stage to fight for a better chance for the Grand Finals.

  • Prior to the Group stage, teams will be divided into TWO groups: Group A & Group B.
  • Each group will compete for 3 days, 5 matches per day.
  • Based on the outcomes of the Group Stage,
    • The top 8 teams from each group will be placed in the Winners Bracket
    • The bottom 8 teams from each group will be placed in the Losers Bracket.

Week 2 - Winners/Losers Bracket

The second week of PGC 2022 consists of Winners & Losers Brackets.

Winners bracket

  • The Winners Bracket consists of 10 matches over 2 days.
  • The rewards for the winners of the group stage are huge. The top 8 teams in the Winners bracket will be granted a seat directly to the Grand Finals. The remaining 8 teams will be placed into the upcoming Losers Bracket 2 for another chance. 

Loser's Bracket 1

  • The Losers Bracket 1 will contain the bottom 8 teams of Group A & Group B.
  • These 16 teams will compete in a 10 matches tournament over 2 days.
  • The top winning half will advance to the next Losers Bracket 2.
  • However, 7 teams from the bottom half will be sent to the Grand Survival with a team very last on the list eliminated.

Loser's Bracket 2

  • The Losers Bracket 2 consists of 10 matches over 2 days.
  • Only the top 4 teams will be granted tickets to the Finals.
  • The remaining 12 teams will be moving on to the Grand Survival. 

Week 3 - Grand Final & Grand Survival

Grand Survival

The last week of the PGC 2022 will begin with a Grand Survival with a total of 19 teams.

  • 12 teams from the Losers Bracket 2
  • 7 teams from the Losers Bracket 1.
    • The bottom 3 teams from the Losers Bracket 1 will be included on the waiting list.

The Grand Survival will only grant 4 final chances to the Grand Finals where 16 teams will battle it out to become the last team standing. In each match, the team winning the Chicken Dinner will advance to the Grand Finals and the remaining 15 teams will be joined by the next team in the line.

Grand Final

After a short break after the Grand Survival, the battle-hardened veterans will be pushed to their limits in the final challenge for the PGC throne.

  • The Grand Final will take place over 4 days with 5 matches per day.
  • Whoever ranked on the top of the list will be announced to be the new champions of the PUBG GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

Prize Pool

The total prize pool of the PGC 2022 starts with 2 million USD which will be distributed to the participating teams by their final results of the tournament.

  • The Final rankings will be decided based on the final placements from the Grand Final

Special Prize

  • MVP Player of the tournament will be granted an extra prize of $10,000

PGC 2022 Item sales profits

All participating teams will benefit from 30% of the profits earned from the sale of PGC 2022 store items. The profits will be distributed to the teams based on their final tournament rank. More information on the PGC 2022 items will be revealed later on.