PUBG Care Package EP. 2 Live Show & VOD

Following our first PUBG Care Package - Live Developer Talk, the devs are excited to reveal that the second episode is set to premiere on November 3rd!

In our debut episode, we delved into a heart-to-heart conversation with our players, touching on some in-game features like Tactical Gear, gunplay, and more. This time around, In-game Unit Director Tae-hyun Kim and our host Ji-soo Kim are making a comeback, and what's more, they'll be joined by the Lead of the Anti-Cheat Department, Sang-wan Kim!

We've been hard at work exploring ways to make this series accessible to our global player base - while we encountered hurdles in offering live, interactive content in every language simultaneously, we've found a solution. A separate VOD supporting multiple languages will be released on the same day as our live show, ensuring all our fans can enjoy the content.

Read below for details on the exact date, time, and topics that the live show and VOD will feature.

PUBG Care Package EP. 2 Schedule

Live Show

  • UTC: November 3, 11 AM
  • KST: November 3, 8 PM

VOD's Release

  • UTC: November 3, After the live show
  • KST: November 3, After the live show

Main Agenda

Part 1

  • 2023 Dev Review: Gunplay Balance, Tactical Gear, Map Rotation, etc.

Part 2

  • Anti-Cheat

A Small Gift

  • G-COIN Redeem Code
  • Can be claimed only once per account.
  • This code will be valid until November 3, 11 AM (UTC).
  • Redeemable on PC platforms only (Steam/Kakao/Epic Games Store).