PUBG: New State 2023-09-21 Patch Notes

The September update comes with a Ranked Match, new gun MP9 and more.

For details, check out our patch notes below!

Ranked Match Update

Ranked Match

  • In Ranked Match, your rank score increases or decreases, depending on the result of the match.
  • If you defeat an opponent with a higher rank score, you will gain more rank points.
  • You can view the average rank score of each team in the loading screen.
  • You receive Chicken Medals upon reaching a certain rank score, and you gain Prestige Coins depending on your rank score when the season is over.
  • You gain Prestige Coins and a title depending on your rank when the season is over.


  • Maps of Ranked Match change everyday.
    • Monday, Wednesday: DEAD ROCK RDM: 3 TEAMS, UNDERBRIDGE RDM
    • Tuesday, Thursday: ARENA RDM, STATION TDM
    • Friday, Saturday, Sunday: DEAD ROCK RDM: 3 TEAMS, ARENA RDM

New weapon MP9 added

  • The MP9 is a new SMG that uses 9mm rounds.
  • This firearm is specialized in taking down enemies quietly with its suppressor, low recoil and fast projectile velocity.
  • MP9 spawns in the field of every map in NEW STATE.
  • You can equip accessories on the scope, magazine, and stock.

New Gun Customizations

  • MP9 C1 - Dedicated Stock
    • MP9's C1 customization, a Dedicated Stock will be added.
    • The Dedicated Stock customization adds the following changes to the weapon:
      • + Increased vertical recoil control
      • + Increased horizontal recoil control
      • - Reduced ADS speed
  • Tommy Gun C2 - Dedicated Magazine
    • Tommy Gun's C2 customization, a Dedicated Magazine will be added.
    • The Dedicated Magazine customization adds the following changes to the weapon:
      • + Increased magazine size (30 → 75)
      • + Increased Reload Speed
      • - Magazine slot unavailable
      • - Reduced recoil control

Weapons Rebalancing

  • We rebalanced weapons based on analysis of in-game play data.
    • MP155 Ultima
      • C1 customization rate of fire has been decreased by 40%.
      • Damage has slightly decreased.
    • L85A3
      • Damage has slightly increased.
    • VSS
      • Projectile velocity has increased by 9%.
      • Damage has slightly increased.
    • SL8
      • Horizontal & vertical recoil has increased by 4%.
    • MP5K
      • Rate of fire has increased by 3%.
      • Damage has slightly increased.
    • UMP45
      • Damage has slightly decreased.

Adjusted Map Rotation Schedule

  • AKINTA (Bounty) will end.
    • Bounty Royale information will be deleted from the profile screen.
    • Bounty Royale will be deleted from Statistics and Rank.
    • Bounty Royale rewards for the previous season will be sent as normal.

Report Improvements

Added Report button

  • A "Report" button has been added to your Profile and Career Results screen.
    • You will be able to report ill-mannered players even after a match is over.
    • We will handle your report according to our operations policy.
    • You can't report the same player more than once within 24 hours.
  • You can report a player with an inappropriate player nickname.
    • When you find players with inappropriate nicknames, please report the player via the apropriate category.
  • We replaced the Report button image.
  • We added the following warnings under the Report a Player Screen.
    • Report details will be shared with the GM, and false reports may result in restrictions being placed on your account according to our operating policy.
  • We will monitor the game and strive to improve NEW STATE in order to provide an enjoyable gaming experience.

Battle Royale Season 11

Battle Royale Season 11 Open

  • Battle Royale Season 11 is here!
  • The tier will reset based on last season's final tier.
  • When you enter the Lobby, you will receive a season summary as well as your rewards for the previous season.

The new Survivor Pass Vol.23 begins.

  • The protagonist of Survivor Pass Vol.23 is Lila of Hunters.
  • Achieve a certain pass level to get a free character!
  • You can get the “Lila" costume set by upgrading to the Premium Pass. Purchase a Premium+ Pass to immediately acquire more rewards.
  • If you upgrade to Legacy Pass, the 'Dr. Mad Set’ will be available again.
  • If you purchase the Premium Pass and reach a certain pass level, you will be refunded all of the NC spent on the Pass.

Crash Related

  • [Crash] Fixed an issue where the app would close while customizing a gun.

Gameplay Related

  • [LAGNA] Fixed an issue where a character can pass through a certain structure in Granada region.
  • [LAGNA] Fixed an issue where a certain structure's flooring clips through its lateral side.
  • [Emote] Fixed an issue where a player's breath gauge does not decrease when using Cossack Dance emote underwawter.
  • [Costume] Fixed an issue where the end of skirt sticks out when Little Witch Costume and NieR:Automata 9S Gloves are equipped together.
  • [Delivery Drone] Fixed an issue where a drone would get stuck in a tree upon calling it on a certain spot of LAGNA map.
  • [Guns] Fixed an issue where kill message wouldn't display when killing an enemy with Crossbow Magnetic Bomb.
  • [Effect] Fixed an issue where bloodstain and ballistic impact effect wouldn't display.

Outgame Related

  • [Friend] Fixed an issue where the message "Invalid argument." appears making the player unable to join a team from the lobby.
  • [Friend] Fixed an issue where a player gets a message that the friend list is full even if it is not.
  • [Vehicle] Fixed an issue where the muffler effects of Star of the Savior - Nova were not displayed in the upgrade menu. 
  • [Vehicle] Fixed an issue where certain upgraded vehicle skins were incorrectly displayed as undamaged from a specific distance. 
  • [Vehicle] Fixed an issue where the headlight color upgrade effect was not applied to the front door.