PNC 2023: EMEA Player Selection Method

The developers of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS revealed the process behind selecting players who will represent European countries - Denmark, Germany, Turkey and the UK - at the upcoming PUBG Nations Cup 2023 in Seoul.

PUBG Nations Cup returns this September, and top players from across the globe will gather in Seoul, South Korea to represent their countries on the Battlegrounds. With EMEA well-represented at the event, we’re excited to reveal how the region’s players will earn places on their national teams.

A total of four nations will compete from the EMEA region: Denmark, Germany, Türkiye, and reigning PNC 2022 Champions United Kingdom. Each roster will feature four players along with one coach from their respective countries, and together they’ll battle it out for a share of the $300,000 USD prize pool and title of Nations Cup Champions. 

This year, all players will be awarded places on their national squad based on superior performances at the biggest regional esports events, including PEC: Spring, The Rotation, and the PGS 2 EMEA Qualifiers and similar tournaments around the globe. Each eligible player will be evaluated based on three key stats:

  • Average Team Placement
  • Average Kills Per Match
  • Average Time Survived

These values will be weighted to ensure that players who have performed consistently well throughout the year have the best shot at earning a place on their country’s team.

When the four competing players are locked in, they will have the opportunity to vote for a coach to help guide them through the tournament. The coach must also be a citizen of the competing country.