Vegas leaves Shoot To Kill

Professional player Jaden "Vegas" James (pictured second from left) announced his departure from the North American Shoot To Kill team on Twitter. It is not yet known who will take the vacant spot on the team.

Vegas has represented STK since March of this year. For his entire career as a professional player in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS he earned $48,000 in prize money. There is no news about the esports athlete's future plans yet.

Shoot To Kill finished third at the PUBG Americas Series Phase 1 regional online tournament and finished in the top 15 at the PUBG Global Series 1 in Malaysia.

Shoot To Kill lineup:

  • США, United States, US Aaron "aLOW" Lommen
  • США, United States, US Andrew "Pentalol" Franco
  • США, United States, US Kurtis "Purdy" Bond
  • США, United States, US Seth "Woo1y" Little (coach)