Digital Athletics update PUBG lineup

Turkish esports club Digital Athletics has officially unveiled its revamped PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS roster.

Mert "mertgungor" Gungor has moved from a player position to the coach position; accordingly, while the team's previous mentor, Kalimdor, has left the organization. In addition, Omer "Iroh" Develi left the starting roster and became a reserve player. Yiğit "xLyron" Polat, formerly of FUT Esports, is the new member of the roster.

Digital Athletics finished 15th at the PUBG EMEA Championship: Spring and did not qualify for the PUBG Global Series 1 LAN Championship in Malaysia. The team did not qualify for the grand final of the seventh season of the PUBG Continental Series in Europe and missed the PUBG Global Championship 2022 in Dubai.

Digital Athletics' updated lineup:

  • Турция, Turkey, TR xLyron
  • Турция, Turkey, TR Mitraleius
  • Турция, Turkey, TR CodeMarco
  • Турция, Turkey, TR Hueth
  • Турция, Turkey, TR Iroh (sub)
  • Турция, Turkey, TR mertgungor (coach)