Dev Letter: Illegal Software - Terrain Passing Function

Among the functions of illegal software that undermine a fair gaming environment, there are functions that also induce visual discomfort. In today's Dev Letter, we intend to discuss the countermeasures we have taken and our future plans regarding the illegal software function known as the "terrain passing function," which allows characters or vehicles to pass through physical boundaries and objects.
Illegal Software - Terrain Passing Function

The terrain passing function of illegal software grants cheaters an unfair advantage in the game by enabling them to pass through physical boundaries like doors, walls, and rocks that are impassable under normal circumstances. This function significantly disrupts gameplay and also leads to visual discomfort. When cheaters exploit this function to infiltrate objects and attack unsuspecting players outside, the targeted players feel helpless and vulnerable, akin to being attacked by an invisible man. Witnessing cheaters effortlessly pass through objects understandably evokes strong displeasure among other players.

Due to its conspicuous nature, the terrain passing function has been reported by numerous players. Recognizing its detrimental impact on game fairness, the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Team has undertaken various endeavors to combat it. To be precise, two distinct measures were implemented from a game design perspective. Firstly, defensive measures were put in place to rectify instances where characters or vehicles were positioned abnormally, returning them to normal positions. Secondly, verification logic was incorporated to address cases of players shooting from inside the terrain towards targets outside. In addition to this, we would like to share the latest improvements we have made concerning the implementation of the terrain passing function, as well as our accomplishments and future plans.

The implementation of the terrain passing function can be primarily categorized into two methods: code tampering and data tampering.

Code tampering method refers to modifying the game's code so that one can pass through terrain that is typically impassable. Although PUBG's own anti-cheat solution, Zakynthos, already includes a feature that detects whether the code has been tampered with, there were limitations imposed on this feature to ensure optimal gameplay performance for players.

Data tampering method involves manipulating the game's data related to collision to allow players to pass through normally impassable terrain. While there is a data verification logic for vehicles and characters, not every instance of tampering could be verified, as this data can be altered even under normal circumstances.

Nonetheless, despite the realistic restrictions and limitations, our dedication to combating illegal software remains unwavering. We promptly initiated a search for solutions and opportunities for improvement.
Past Achievements and Future Plans

To begin with, we addressed the code tampering method by enhancing Zakynthos' code modulation detection feature. We developed an improved mechanism that efficiently detects tampering without impacting players' gaming performance, and implemented it in March 2023. As a result, the number of accounts identified as engaging in code tampering increased by approximately threefold compared to the previous period, leading to an 81% decrease in the number of illegal software providing the terrain passing function. Furthermore, since March of this year, we have observed a significant reduction (approximately 83%) in community reports from players concerning cheaters exploiting the terrain passing function.

As depicted in the graph above, notable achievements have been accomplished. Nevertheless, there are still hurdles to overcome in order to completely eradicate the terrain passing function. In addition to consistently addressing the code tampering method previously discussed, enhancing the verification logic for the data tampering method is also necessary. Currently, the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Team is diligently working on refining the logic and expects to implement fortified measures against the data tampering method in the near future.

Furthermore, alongside counteracting the terrain passing function discussed today, the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Team remains dedicated to advancing machine learning technology and anti-cheat measures, while simultaneously conducting real-time monitoring of ongoing matches.

We acknowledge that individual reports may not hold significant weight from a player's perspective, but the reports we receive greatly contribute to validating our anti-cheat efforts. By working together to thwart those who deteriorate the gaming environment, we firmly believe we can foster a fairer PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS experience. We kindly urge you to continue actively reporting cheaters. Stay tuned for our next topic!