Dev Talk: A New 6eginning Additional Q&A

During our 6th Anniversary Dev Talk, we had the privilege of receiving a wealth of questions from passionate PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS fans worldwide.

Today, we are excited to share with you the remaining questions and answers that were not addressed during the live Q&A session.


Q: Are there plans to rework maps other than Erangel/Miramar this year?

A: While we don't have any reworks planned for other maps this year, we do have plans to rework Erangel and Miramar.

Q: Where do you mainly receive inspiration for new maps?

A: Finding inspiration for new maps is not always limited to a particular location. Our initial priority is to ensure that the new map's concept and atmosphere are unique and distinct from our existing maps. After that, we focus on selecting a specific theme. As we strive for realism in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS' world, we meticulously research areas that align with the chosen theme and narrow down the location where we can best capture the desired concept.

Q: I'm excited for the new map, Codename: NEON! Will the Care Package system in NEON be different from other maps?

A: While it has not been officially confirmed, we are presently engaged in discussions regarding the potential implementation of a unique method for acquiring Care Packages, which would set it apart from other maps.

Q: Will you add helicopters to NEON?

A: As for incorporating this form of transportation (vehicle), it is not currently within our development plans. But we may possibly reconsider this idea in the future.

Q: Will the new revival system give multiple opportunities to revive (like in Vikendi)?

A: The new revival system functions in a substantially distinct manner compared to Vikendi's Comeback BR. While specific conditions must be met to revive a teammate, it is theoretically possible to achieve multiple revivals. However, given the nature of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS gameplay, even attaining two revivals may be a daunting task. Moreover, the erratic nature of the Blue Zone adds to the difficulty of accomplishing multiple revivals.

Q: I understand that the revival systems in Taego and Vikendi are different, and that there is no revival system in Erangel and Miramar. Will the new revival system be implemented on every map?

A: We currently have no intentions of implementing the new revival system on Taego or Vikendi, as they already feature their own Comeback BRs. Instead, the new system will be exclusively introduced to larger maps like Erangel, Miramar, and Deston. We may contemplate extending the new revival system to other maps in the future, depending on player feedback.

Q: Will any weapons be removed during the weapon diversification updates?

A: Our objective is to maximize the use of existing weapons in the game, and therefore, we do not intend to remove any weapons.

Q: Are there any plans for additional animation updates after the animation refresh?

A: At present, there are no plans to release any further updates for animations.

Q: Will there be any other refreshes after the animation refresh, such as for in-game sounds?

A: Our focus, following the animation refresh update, is to refrain from modifying familiar elements unless there are known issues. In the absence of any problems, there are no plans for further refreshes.

Q: Are there any plans for updates aimed at newbies?

A: Our plans are centered around appealing to a broad range of players rather than targeting specific groups. We intend to enhance tutorials, improve understanding of the minimap, Blue Zone mechanics, navigation, and other aspects.

Q: I personally believe safe transportation between islands and land should be better secured. Could you share your thoughts on this?

A: In PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, players' choices can have both positive and negative consequences, and they should be prepared to face the outcomes of their decisions. We acknowledge that traveling between islands and land can be inconvenient and unstable, and we are monitoring the situation. However, we currently do not see any significant problems that require improvement or modification.

Q: Will more Care Package-exclusive weapons be added?

A: Our priority is to add commonly-used weapons, but we are also considering the gradual addition of Care Package-exclusive weapons.

Q: Is there a plan to add a feature where you can upgrade your weapon during a match?

A: We do not have any plans to introduce such a feature at this time, but possibly in the future!

Q: Regarding weapon balancing, are there plans to adjust attachment stats or add new attachments?

A: As we have recently released an update to improve attachment stats, we currently have no additional plans. We are also cautious about adding new attachments, as too many attachments can make gameplay more challenging.

Q: Is there a plan to incorporate vehicle spawns in Training Mode for practicing vehicle play with Smoke Grenades?

A: Although it would be beneficial to offer various simulation opportunities, we have observed that some players intentionally disrupt others trying to practice. We are currently exploring options to enable uninterrupted practice sessions, but no concrete plans have been established at this time.

Q: Will the three-match daily limit for Casual Mode be removed or increased?

A: We currently have no plans to modify the daily match limit for Casual Mode for now.

Q: Sensitivity settings in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS seem to be a challenging aspect for players. While the gameplay environment and knowledge of various weapons and how they're used may be important for beginners, the skill difference may also be largely determined by sensitivity settings. Are there plans to introduce a tutorial or mode to assist with adjusting these settings?

A: Our team is discussing this topic, though we are still determining the appropriate tutorial format to familiarize beginners with weapons in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS without overwhelming them with complex sensitivity settings. While no specific plans are in place, we are definitely interested in developing such a system.

Q: I believe a feature where you can destroy buildings already exists within the game (C4). Will you be adding a new feature that is even more powerful?

A: We cannot provide a definitive answer at this time, but we are attempting to implement gameplay where players can destroy buildings using a variety of weapons.

Q: The building destruction feature mentioned in the R&D part was interesting. Are there any other interactive objects being considered for addition?

A: We are definitely considering the addition of more interactive features as we believe it's important to have both meaningful and entertaining elements in the game.

Q: You mentioned striving to synchronize Esports and Ranked gameplay. I personally believe the most important thing is to assign team numbers before a player's nickname to make player count easier. In professional gameplay, players' unified nicknames make it easy to confirm remaining players/2:2 splits through killfeeds. However, in Ranked, players have different nicknames - making it difficult to quickly assess the number of players, which leads to a number of obstacles for orders and gameplay. Are there any plans for a killfeed update for Ranked?

A: We do not have any current plans for such an update, but the suggestion is under internal review. Our team has diverse opinions on this topic, and we acknowledge both pros and cons. However, we are actively considering the idea.

Q: In Esports, only FPP is used while Ranked has both FPP and TPP. If the ruleset is unified, will TPP be removed from Ranked or will TPP be added to Esports?

A: We don't aim to make Esports and Ranked entirely identical. Although the rules will be consistent, Esports will maintain its FPP setting, and we will continue to offer the current perspective options for Ranked.

Q: Are there plans to recruit various types of players for playtesting and feedback sessions? It can be helpful long-term to receive feedback and obtain diverse perspectives.

A: We are considering this option, but implementing and reviewing feedback would require substantial resources to deliver content promptly. As PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is a global service, it is challenging to conduct tests and receive feedback from every region, though we are open to finding viable methods for these sessions.

Q: Will PUBG prioritize improving existing systems or introducing new creative systems in the future?

A: Both aspects are crucial. While we mainly focused on new content development until last year, we plan to allocate more resources to enhancing existing systems alongside creating new ones this year, with a 50:50 ratio in mind.


Q: Are there any plans to release a Mountain Bike skin?

A: That's an interesting suggestion. We'll definitely take it into consideration.

Q: Due to dissatisfaction with Ranked rewards, more players are opting for Normal Matches. Are there plans to offer more diverse rewards for Ranked?

A: We intend to improve Ranked rewards, although we won't be adding currency-based rewards like Schematics/Contraband Coupons. Instead, our focus is on expanding rewards that players can permanently own.

Q: Will Clan Tags be added to in-game killfeeds?

A: We plan to incorporate Clan Tags in various game aspects and expand their visibility. The display of Clan Tags or Clan Plates will depend on the context, such as their location within the UI.

Q: Are there any plans to enable character movement in the Lobby?

A: We currently do not have plans for such a feature, but we may reconsider it in the future.

Q: Will there be a feature allowing squad members to swap positions or equip owned skins in the Lobby?

A: Although we have no plans to add position-swapping functionality, we do aim to develop a feature enabling outfit changes during the pre-game phase.

Q: Will PUBG prioritize improving existing systems or introducing new creative systems in the future?

A: For now, our focus is on refining and enhancing our current systems.


Q: Are there plans to strengthen measures against users who intentionally team kill, such as permanently ban or restrictions from Duo/Squad matches? Additionally, could players check teammates' team killing history before starting a match to avoid such players?

A: We are currently implementing penalties for intentional team killing and considering additional measures to reinforce these sanctions. We plan to collaborate with relevant teams to execute these actions. Checking team killing history before starting a match is possible, but not on the starting island. This issue warrants further discussion with the appropriate teams.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the players who have generously shown their support and sent us numerous questions as we celebrated our 6th anniversary milestone.

The PUBG: Battlegrounds team is committed to continuing our efforts to connect with players and meet their expectations even more so in the coming months and years.