Fuzzface left PolishPower. K4pii returns.

Polish PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS squad PolishPower has once again announced changes in their lineup:David "Fuzzface" Tillberg-Persson left the lineup.

The Swede has been playing for PolishPower for a little over a month, with him the team finished sixth in the PUBG EMEA Championship Grand Final: Spring and did not qualify for PUBG Global Series 1.

The vacant roster spot was once again taken by Pole Kacper "K4pii" Ferdynus, who left the team in January this year. In a tweet, K4pii explained that his decision to leave PolishPower was too hasty and that he missed his teammates during his absence.

Renewed PolishPower:

  • Польша, Poland, PL Michał "KnorkiS" Bławat
  • Польша, Poland, PL Marcel "Marcelek" Nietopiel
  • Польша, Poland, PL Marcin "Krunio" Kruk
  • Польша, Poland, PL Kacper "K4pii" Ferdynus

Origin: twitter.com