mxey & MiracU team up

Famous European eSports players Anssi "mxey" Pekkonen and Justin "MiracU" McNally have teamed up for qualifiers for the PUBG EMEA Championship spring tournament. Kean "Keano" Hansen and Matěj "Nowikk" Krmela have also joined the team.

Mxey previously played for Team Liquid/OVERKEEPERS, MiracU played for Fellas, Keano represented Bystanders and Nowikk played for SKADE. The team will play under the Fahrenheit tag.

The first event of the PEC series (PEC: Spring) will start next month with separate open qualifiers for Europe (March 1 - 5) and MEA (March 2 - 5). You can apply to participate on the official PUBG website.

Fahrenheit lineup:

  • Финляндия, Finland, FI Anssi "mxey" Pekkonen
  • Ирландия, Irland, IE Justin "MiracU" McNally
  • Дания, Denmark, DK Kean "Keano" Hansen
  • Чехия, Czech Republic, CZ Matěj "Nowikk" Krmela