Updates to PUBG esports system in 2023 leaked

Content maker and partner of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Vladislav "iBakhmet" Bakhmetiev published a letter that was received by professional players. In it, the developers of PUBG told about the changes that will be made to the game's esports mode.

  • KRAFTON are still making efforts to reduce the gap between ranked matches and esports. According to the developers, this will lead to the development of the pro scene, making it more accessible to PUBG fans;
  • Starting in mid-May 2023, tournaments will use settings that are nearly identical to those involved in ranked matches;
  • maps available in the ranked game (Taego, Vikendi, Deston) will be added to the game's esports mode;
  • items such as the M79, a flare gun and a bicycle will be added to cybersport PUBG. A glider and tricycle will also be available in esport;
  • Both ranked and esports will add a rescue parachute, a shield, and an extra parachute. The blue zone grenade will be available on Taego;
  • Taego and Vikendi (along with Erangel and Miramar) will be included in the qualifiers for PGS 2 and the championship itself.