Introducing the PUBG EMEA Championship

We’re thrilled to announce the next chapter of PUBG Esports in Europe - The PUBG EMEA Championship (PEC). As the first of two PEC events for this year, PEC: Spring will kick off with a mammoth round of Open Qualifiers. The best teams from across Europe and MEA will compete for a share of the $100,000 prize pool, PGC Points, 2 PGS slots and the glory of being the best team in EMEA.
If you think you have what it takes to compete, head over to and register for the PEC: Spring Open Qualifiers. Signups close on March 1!


The first PEC event - PEC: Spring - begins with separate Open Qualifiers for Europe (March 1 - 5) and MEA (March 2 - 5). 
Across both Open Qualifiers, fourteen teams will qualify to the Playoffs Stage, where they’ll be seeded into the Upper and Lower (double elimination) brackets based on their performance. To fill out the rest of the Playoffs Brackets, the qualified teams will be joined by our eight regional partner teams and the top two teams via an EMEA Wildcard from Protality Season 6. The Playoffs Stage will run from March 9th - 12th.

Following this, the tournament will culminate in an epic Grand Finals Weekend from March 24 - 26 which will see the top sixteen teams from the playoffs facing off for the PEC crown.

For more details on the schedule and format, please consult

PGC Points

PEC is the primary route through which EMEA teams will earn PGC Points this year (in addition to a select number of third party regional events). Besides PGS performance, PGC Points are the main route for teams to qualify for the PUBG Global Championship.  

As revealed in yesterday’s blog, EMEA will qualify six teams to PGC 2023. Five of these teams will be qualified based on their PGC Points standings across PEC and Third Party Regionals (with provisions made to ensure that at least one team from both Europe and MEA qualifies). The remaining sixth PGC slot will be awarded directly to the team who wins the second PEC event later this year.

In addition to this, teams who qualify for PGC through their performance in PGS will be awarded separate qualification slots - so regardless of who comes out on top at PGS, six teams will always qualify to PGC via their PEC and Third Party Regional event performance.

Stay tuned as we’ll be revealing the specific PGC Points breakdown across PEC: Spring in another blog soon!

EMEA Partner Teams

In addition to the three previously announced Global Partner Teams, the EMEA region will be partnering with five more regional teams who will receive direct invites to the PEC Playoffs stage. The EMEA Partner Teams for 2023 are:

  • BBL Esports
  • Digital Athletics
  • Entropiq
  • FaZe Clan
  • FUT Esports
  • NAVI
  • Twisted Minds

These teams were selected based on their history and commitment to, as well as their shared vision for the EMEA PUBG Esports scene. We look forward to collaborating with them in 2023!

PUBG Global Series

PEC also has a vital role in qualification for both PUBG Global Series (PGS) events this year. The top two teams from PEC: Spring will gain automatic qualification to PGS1 later this spring. 
In addition to the top two teams from PEC: Spring, our Global Partner teams from EMEA (NAVI, FaZe Clan and Twisted Minds) will gain automatic qualification to PGS1.

In the event that a Global Partner Team places first or second in PEC, the PGS qualification spot will go to the next team in the PEC: Spring rankings.
For more information on the PUBG Global Series, check out yesterday’s tournament format update!

EMEA Wildcards

Throughout the year, selected third-party tournaments will be granted EMEA Wildcards, which will ultimately reward the winners with an invitation to advanced stages in upcoming PEC tournaments. Keep an eye out for EMEA Wildcard tournaments in your region!

Tournament organizers can apply for inclusion in the EMEA Wildcard program by reaching out to [email protected]

Sign Up

Signups for PEC: Spring Open Qualifiers now open to all eligible teams in EMEA! Be sure to register as soon as possible to reserve your place - signups close on March 1st for Europe and March 2nd for MEA.

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