Shou from 17 Gaming retired

Renowned Chinese eSports athlete Wang "shou" Kang officially announced the end of his career as a professional player in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

Shou represented 17 Gaming from 2017 to 2019 and from 2021 to 2023. In between, he played for Still Moving Under Gunfire for two years. Throughout his career, he earned $332,000 in prize money in the discipline.

17 Gaming has gained membership in the new partner program for professional teams (Global Partner Team Program).

17 Gaming lineup:

  • Китай, China, CN Luo "LilGhost" Shengjun
  • Китай, China, CN Yu "SuJiu" Lin
  • Китай, China, CN Tu "Xbei" ZhanYa
  • Китай, China, CN Wu "xwudd" Bo