Korean PUBG manager dismissed following power abuse charges

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS scandal erupted in the South Korean community, which resulted in the game developers suspending one of their community managers. PUBG partner Vladislav "iBakhmet" Bakhmetev reported this on his social media account .

While playing a PUBG ranked matchmaking game, a company employee PUBG_Medkit suspected opponents of using cheats and stream sniping, expelled them from the game and sent a complaint to the relevant department. Suspicious players were banned for 24 hours and complained on a local forum about the misconduct of a representative of PUBG Studios.

As a result, the company conducted an internal investigation and concluded that the manager abused his authority and he was suspended. In addition, the inspection found no evidence of cheats on the part of the players - their accounts were unblocked, and the developers apologized.