Roth and Sharpshot team up in Friendly Fire

New squad called Friendly Fire has been formed on the professional PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS scene in the North American region.

It includes the following eSports athletes: Daniel "Sharpshot" Hernandez, Dylan "Roth" Short, Simon "Corsac" Molinghen and Gabriel "Maji" Elliott. The first two previously played for Bing Bang Boom, Corsac was a Dodge player and Maji represented the Fools.

The team will be coached by American Stephen "go_bang" Lemmons, who has previously worked with The Rumblers, eUnited, Wildcard Gaming and other teams.

Friendly Fire lineup:

  •  Daniel "Sharpshot" Hernandez
  • США, United States, US Dylan "Roth" Short
  • Бельгия, Belgium, BE Simon "Corsac" Molinghen
  • США, United States, US Gabriel "Maji" Elliott
  • США, United States, US Stephen "go_bang" Lemmons (coach)