PUBG named PCS frag leaders

The developers of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS have announced the names of the players who made the most kills during the sixth and seventh seasons of the PUBG Continental Series in each region.

  • America: Австралия, Australia, AU James "TGLTN" Giezen (Soniqs) – 61 frag at PCS6 + 64 frag at PCS7.
  • Europe: Дания, Denmark, DK Gustav "Gustav" Blønd (FaZe Clan) – 57 frags at PCS6 + 32 frag at PCS7.
  • Asia: Китай, China, CN Zuo "Aixleft" Zi Xuan (Petrichord Road) – 50 frags at PCS6 + 56 frag at PCS7.
  • APAC: Тайланд, Thailand, TH Peerapass "FLASH" Termkla (Dayreade Gaming) – 61 frag at PCS6 + 47 frags at PCS7.