Acend signed coach

European eSports club Acend has signed a coach for their PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS squad. He is Ivo "Kowo" Schenk, a German player, observer and commentator.

Acend took fifth place during the seventh season of PUBG Continental Series 7 in Europe, earning $18,000. Prior to that, the team had performed under the shiftW tag.

The organization opened a PUBG division in 2021. Since then, Acend's lineups have won just over $20,000 in tournament prize money.

Current Acend:

  • Германия, Germany, DE Christian "Itzz_ChrizZ" Blank
  • Германия, Germany, DE Tim "Myca" Bodenseh
  • Австрия, Austria, AT Ardin "KILYAKAi" Lisic
  • Германия, Germany, DE René "Braexco" Rehling
  • Германия, Germany, DE Ivo "Kowo" Schenk (coach)