Keenan joined YAHO

Canadian eSports player Jeremy "Keenan" Traverse, 23, is the newest addition of YAHO's North American PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS squad. Keenan takes the place of the American Brendan "Balefrost" Connors, who left the team at the end of November 2022.

Keenan previously played for Bing Bang Boom, Spacestation Gaming and other teams. He has earned $61,000 in prize money during his career as a professional PUBG player.

YAHO finished eighth at PUBG Global Championship 2022 in Dubai and earned $117,000 in prize money.

Renewed YAHO lineup:

  • США, United States, US Brent "Poonage" Mullany
  • Канада, Canada, CA Nolan "Shinboi" Burdick
  • Бразилия, Brazil, BR Pedro "Sparkingg" Ribeiro
  • Канада, Canada, CA Jeremy "Keenan" Traverse