Question Mark, Heroic & Entropiq invited to PROTALITY DROPSTARS

Question Mark, Heroic, Digital Athletics, Entropiq, FUT Esports and other squads will participate in the PROTALITY DROPSTARS online tournament. This event is split into several parts. 12 teams received invites to the upper bracket event, where they will be joined by 12 winners of open qualifiers.

The participants were divided into three equal groups in the upper bracket. Each group will play with each five matches. The top eight teams will qualify for the grand final, while the rest will proceed to the lower bracket. Sixteen teams will play 10 rounds in the lower bracket to determine the final eight participants in the grand final. The upper bracket competition round will take place December, 2-4.

In the grand final, teams will play 15 matches. The total prize pool for the tournament is eight thousand U.S. dollars.