Soniqs are the champions of PCS7: Americas

The North American Soniqs added another title to their trophy list. As expected by the vast majority of players, the team won the tournament. It's noteworthy that the team had 270 points before after the fifth event day, and even if they hadn't earned a single point on the final day, their position in the table wouldn't have changed. Soniqs earned $80,000, and Team star Австралия, Australia, AU James "TGLTN" Giezen earned an extra $5,000 as the leader in kills. Second place and $35,000 went to North American squad eUnited, finishing the top three with 22 eSports from South America with 236 points and $27,000 in prize money.

The second game week of the PUBG Continental Series 7 Grand Final in the Americas took place September 23-25. The tournament prize pool is $250,000.