CERBERUS Esports maintain the lead at PCS7:APAC

The fourth game day in the Asia-Pacific region is over. According to its results, the Vietnamese organization CERBERUS Esports maintained its leadership in the standings, slightly strengthening its position. For the fourth game day, the team earned 49 points and currently has only 197 points, 115 of which are the team's frags. On the second line took squad THEERATON FIVE with 171 points, the third place and 166 points at the moment for the Malaysian organization ShuaiGeDui.

The second game week of the PUBG Continental Series 7 Asia-Pacific (APAC) Grand Final takes place from September 23-25. The tournament prize pool is $250,000.

The full VOD of the fourth game day of PCS7: APAC is available below.