Partner Drops - July 2022

Calling attention to all players!

Today we’re here to guide you on how you can get the most out of our Partner Drops and this month’s perks.

Pay attention to the details below to earn those rewards!

Event Schedules

Don’t forget to participate during the event period!

  • PDT: July 26 2022, 5 PM – August 9 2022, 4:59 PM
  • CEST: July 27 2022, 2 AM – August 10 2022, 1:59 AM
  • KST: July 27 2022, 9 AM – August 10 2022, 8:59 AM 

Claiming Rewards

Watch our partners’ streams for the times below and win your July rewards!

  • 5 minutes: PUBG PUNCH Spray
  • 30 minutes: Classic Care Spray
  • 60 minutes: Hunter’s Chest (For the Workshop) – Twitch Exclusive

How to Participate


First and foremost, you’ll need a KRAFTON account (if you don’t have one already). A KRAFTON account is a KRAFTON-exclusive account (as distinct from a PUBG account) where you can receive various news from KRAFTON games.

Go to PUBG.COM and press the Login button (upper right corner) to sign in/sign up right away!

Link Your Account

After signing in to your KRAFTON account, you’ll need to link your game AND stream platform accounts to successfully participate in our Partner Drops. (Please be aware account-linking methods may vary per platform, so make sure to follow the provided instructions carefully!)

Check Out Drops Missions

Now it’s time to complete various missions and earn those Drops! There are two ways to check out what missions are available:

  • Read the monthly Drops announcements on PUBG.COM.
  • Access your streaming platform (ex. Twitch) → select the PUBG category in the Browse menu → Watch streams that have the “Drops Enabled” label!

Watching Conditions

Once you choose your favorite PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Partner’s streaming channel to watch, all you need to do is fulfill the requirements for the rewards! Once you satisfy the conditions, the Claim button automatically appears at the bottom. You can claim your rewards by clicking the button.

Check Your Rewards

Go to the Customize menu to check out your Drops rewards. If you haven’t received them, please make sure all your accounts are properly linked and you have clicked the Claim button from the stream.

Here are some notes to keep in mind for Partner Drops:

※ You’ll be able to receive drops through our PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Partners only.

※ Rewards are only obtainable during the Drops period.

※ To receive the rewards, you must have a KRAFTON ID and link it to your gaming platform AND Twitch/each region’s streaming platform.

※ Korea, China, and Thailand viewers will be receiving redeem codes instead of drops due to their different streaming platforms.

※ Items can be acquired after the Live Server Update on Console platforms.

※ Hunter’s Chest reward is limited to Twitch streams only.