Sign Up Now For The Twire PNC 2022 Fantasy League

There are many reasons for PUBG Esports fans to get excited about the upcoming PUBG Nations Cup (PNC 2022) next week, such as: the world’s top stars battling it out, national pride at stake and the $500,000 USD prize pot on the line… well let us add one more to your list! 

We’re once again partnering with the team over at Twire to bring fans the PNC 2022 Fantasy League, and there are a whole host of prizes up for grabs! 

The Twire PNC Fantasy League is a free-to-play online tournament asking PUBG Esports fans to put on their ‘coaches hat’ and pick a fantasy roster for the tournament. Based on IRL events, fans will accumulate points depending on the performances of their roster. Essentially, the better your players perform, the more points your squad will earn! Points will be awarded as follows:

  • 1 kill = 2 points
  • For each 100 damage = 1 point
  • Match survived = 5 points
  • Death before the 10-minute mark = -3 points

Sounds simple right…? Well not exactly, you’ll have to make some challenging decisions. Players are valued at different prices based on previous performances, and you’ve only got a budget of $100,000 – you can also only pick one player from each roster. So choose wisely!

Fans will compete against one another in an overall leaderboard with the following loot on the line – and why not also challenge your friends to prove who’s the ultimate PUBG Esports expert. 

How to play

To sign up, simply follow these steps or check out this detailed All-You-Need-To-Know guide from PCS6:

  • Select PNC 2022 as the tournament you want to compete in
  • Pick the roster you want representing you at PNC 2022
  • Use the #PNCFantasy hashtag to join in with all the chat across social media
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!