PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS developers have ranked the teams that will take part in the upcoming PUBG Nations Cup 2022 international championship. On the first place organizers of the tournament put the team from South Korea, and in last place - the team from Argentina.

It’s been three years since sixteen teams gathered at the Jangchung Arena in Seoul for the inaugural PUBG Nations Cup. Now, sixteen nations with new rosters will descend on Bangkok to see who will come out on top in a competitive landscape that looks nothing like it did in 2019. 

Few of the players on these squads have practiced together in the past. They’ve mostly competed against one another on different teams. It’s hard to say who has the best chances coming in – especially after Team Russia surprised everyone in 2019 – but there is some data, history and instinct to go off of before the clash at the True Icon Hall in Bangkok. 

Here are our rankings of the sixteen teams headed into the PUBG Nations Cup. 

16. Argentina

One of two squads from Latin America, these Argentinians are split between three teams, none of which made an impact during the PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas. Martin “mArtins4n” Castillo and Alejandro Ruben “AleeRv” Velasco, who play for AKM Gaming, showed improvement between the first and second weeks of play in the Grand Final, although they’ll need to step on the gas if they hope to place high at the World Cup of PUBG.
15. Germany

This team of Germans is full of underdogs – players who have performed admirably in major tournaments but have never gotten over the hump to make a Top 3 finish. 2019’s Team Germany, who finished 5th, was made up of three players from G2 Esports. This team won’t have the same synergy and will have a lot more to prove. 

14. Chinese Taipei

This squad will have an uphill battle ahead of them in Thailand. Two of its members and its coach finished 12th at the PUBG Continental Series 6 APAC as part of ​​Global Esports Xsset. The other two members haven’t seen much competition in 2022, meaning they could be rusty for one of the stiffest competitions of their careers. 

13. Japan

We’ve got two players from both SunSister and Donuts USG filling out the Japanese PUBG Nations Cup squad. Neither has performed exceptionally well outside their home country in the last year, but that doesn’t mean they can’t surprise in Thailand. Donuts USG finished 14th in the PUBG Continental Series whereas SunSister wasn’t able to qualify. 

12. Indonesia

Alter Ego and Team Extraordinaire, the two teams that make up Team Indonesia at the PUBG Nations Cup, haven’t reached their potential while competing against other APAC regions on the international stage, finishing outside the top ten at the PUBG Continental Series 6 APAC. Both teams have shined while playing in smaller tournaments, though. 

11. Brazil

Aggression, thy name must be Brazil. This squad, made up of players from A Creche, 22 Esports and YAHO, is all about taking names and asking questions later. Lucas “lfp1” Prado and Hailton “vhz” Moraes da Cruz Junior both wracked up kills during the Latin America Regional Playoff while playing for A Creche. That aggression didn’t translate inthe Grand Final, where they placed 13th, but hopefully they’ll take lessons from that defeat this time around. 

10. Turkey

Despite having to duke it out with the Team Liquids and FaZe Clans of the world, Turkish squads have performed admirably in the PUBG Continental Series Europe over the past few years. Tugay “Quetpa” Demirel and Furkan “Smashbae” Sanli, who both play for BBL Esports, finished fourth in the most recent tournament which is quite the impressive accomplishment. We’ve got some hefty expectations for these lads once they land in Thailand. 

9. Vietnam

This Vietnamese team has the potential to go far at the PUBG Nations Cup. Pham “YmCuD” Duc and Tran Trinh Dong “HaiSaki” Hai finished fourth at PUBG Continental Series 6 APAC as part of CERBERUS Esports. This team has a ferocity to it and longtime veterans like Duong “Sapauu” Cam Hoa, who played Counter Strike before PUBG, will hopefully guide them to success. 

8. United Kingdom

Just like their brothers to the Northeast in Finland, United Kingdom’s Nations Cup squad is made up of players from FaZe Clan, Team Liquid and Heroic as well as Michael “mykLe” Wake from XPLDZ.  This team is experienced, with team members earning 3rd, 4th and 6th placements at the PUBG Continental Series 6 Europe. They should see a high placement in Bangkok barring any unforeseen circumstances or mistakes.

7. Australia

James “TGLTN” Giezen? Lachlan “Fludd” Thompson? Luke “luke12” Newey? That’s top shelf talent. Australia may be far removed from the central hubs of competitive PUBG, but that hasn’t prevented some skilled players from emerging from the region. We’ve got players from eUnited, Shoot to Kill, and Soniqs, all of which have had recent success in Americas tournaments, rounding out this roster from down under. 

6. Finland

The land of a thousand lakes has quite the star studded team for the PUBG Nations Cup. Team Liquid’s Anssi “mxey” Pekkonen and FaZe Clan’s Daniel “D1gg3r1” Luusua will help this Northern European squad go for the gold in Thailand. Europe has some of PUBG’s best talent, including Heroic’s Paavo “PaG3” Voutilainen and Timi “curexi” Tenhula, but these players have only come close to gold as part of their original teams. 

They’ll need to pull something special out, especially if they want to take out their European counterparts on Team United Kingdom.

5. Thailand

Team Thailand is the second team in PUBG Nations Cup history to have home field advantage at this gathering of greats. They may not even need it after Thanaporn “Nourinz” Udomphonampai, Peerapat “PuuChiwz” Kalumpan and coach Chakkapat “Chak” Chuanin took home the first place trophy at PUBG Continental Series 6 APAC. They could do the same at home if they mesh well with their two new teammates. 

4. Canada 

This team is full of Canadian wonder. Built from the pieces of four of North America’s strongest contenders, Team Canada should be one of the favorites heading into Thailand. There is no weak point on this squad and the only problem they could run into is lack of chemistry. Nolan “Shinboi” Burdick and Adam “Adam” Didiano, who play for YAHO and the Gascans, secured 2nd and 3rd place in the grand final of PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas. The competition in Thailand will be stiff, but this team has a real chance to win it all.
3. China

Made up by half of NewHappy, including Chen “MMing” Yinan and Zhou “ZpYan1” Pin yan, Team China is full of players who will hopefully come together to take the next step at the PUBG Nations Cup. While all four squad mates are veterans of the PUBG scene, Zuo “Aixleft” Zi Xuan of Petrichor Road is the one with the most success. His team’s win at PCS6 Asia was pivotal and his skill could hopefully push this squad to international glory. 

2. USA

Four veterans from three teams will come together in Bangkok to try and redeem the United States performance at the 2019 PUBG Nations Cup. That team placed 10th. This team, made up of stars like Soniqs’ Tristan “Shrimzy” Nowicki, has no excuse not to come out with guns blazing. 

  1. South Korea

South Korea has always been a juggernaut in PUBG and this PUBG Nations Cup team is no different. Park “Loki” Jung-young should help propel his team to an impressive finish in Bangkok.